Would you like to create your own compositions from the comfort of your home?

In just 4 modules, you will learn to compose your first song in an easy and entertaining way, complementing your musical projects and bands.


Module # 1: To start, we are going to talk about how to simplify the composition process, proposing a more intuitive method that invites to develop the imagination; no rules or technicalities. Then we will study the basic chords, scales and we will analyze various topics to understand what the different parts of a song are. (Duration 1 hour)


Module # 2: Here, we will learn how to create bass lines and look at different examples of world electric bass legends to understand what arpeggios and notes they use. Also, we will talk about rhythm, sound and bass resources. (Duration 1 hour)


Module # 3: In this part, we are going to develop the chord progression that will go over the bass line. In addition, we will listen to different songs and analyze the elements that can be used at a harmonic level (Duration 1 hours)


Module # 4: Finally, we will learn to create a melody that will go over the bass line and the chord progression; always using intuition and imagination. On the other hand, we will listen to different examples to get ideas and see ways to approach the melody. (Duration 1 hours)



This course is aimed at anyone who has the motivation of creating music (it is necessary to know how to play at least one instrument). The only thing they need to start is a cell phone or computer and their instrument.




Online Composition Lessons are $ 110 (USD)

for 4 classes, 60 minutes each (includes study material such as PDF and MP3)


If you have any questions or want to book your  online composition lessons , please write me

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