Aprende a tocar bajo online con los cursos gratis. Tambíen puedes estudiar vía skype junto a destacado bajista y compositor chileno Daniel Gazmuri
Clases online de bajo y cursos gratis de bajo eléctrico por el bajista y compositor Daniel Gazmuri. Tambíen se puede estudiar vía skype desde la comodidad de tu hogar.


Matías Ulloa

Bogota, Colombia

"The main benefits of being able to study with the Online Bass Lessons is the flexibility that is achieved by eliminating the transfer times, moreover I am located in the city of Bogotá and have had evaluations with Daniel who is in Santiago and works very well"

Constanza Lopéz

Santiago de Chile

"Daniel has the ability to explain music to you in a simple but complete way. With just a few months of classes, I learned important elements that open up the spectrum of music and allow you to understand how it works"

Alejandro Yupanqui

Santiago de Chile

"The experience of having been a student of Daniel, was tremendously positive in my first stage of training as a bassist, since with him I began to introduce myself to the unique language of jazz, so much so that motivated by it I decided to continue my studies in a professional manner at the Projazz Institute, where I am in my fourth year. I absolutely recommend him as a teacher "

Felipe Andrade

Santiago de Chile

"Daniel is a tremendously professional and prepared teacher who gives you all the confidence to learn everything you need, in a couple of classes I learned what I never imagined I could achieve and thanks to that today I can face any piece that comes my way "

Marcelo Casals

Santiago de Chile

"One of the main virtues of Daniel as a teacher is that he can perfectly adapt to the needs of his students. When I started classes I explained my situation to him (I played bass several years ago, but with little theoretical training) and immediately we started to move forward in my weak points. After a few months being his student I am more than satisfied with my progress, and therefore I intend to continue on that path "

Naldo Vasquez

San Juan, Puerto Rico

"Excellent course. I have clarified many doubts and I have learned things that I never imagined. Everything was very clear, well explained and above all the good availability of Daniel to clarify my doubts"

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